Ecuador Part 3. – The Amazon

Our journey into the Yasuni Bioshere Reserve and Shiripuno Lodge began at a hotel in Coca. The day before we had been in the car for five hours so that we could depart for be picked up by thus bus that would take us to the Shiripuno River. The drive to the river was almost three hours but we eventually got to the dock where we would get on a small canoe. It takes six hours by boat to get to Shiripuno lodge and it in inacesible by any other means of transportation. While waiting I got three lifers: Orange-backed Trupial, Drab Water-Tyrant and Magpie Tanager.  We got on the boat exited for what would come in the next days but we did not have to wait until the next morning to see birds. We saw three species of Blue-and-yellow MaCaw, Black Caracara and Spotted Sandpiper a bird from back home that made this very unfamiliar environment a little more familiar.

Blue-and-yellow Macaw

The next moring we got up early just like every other moring in the amazon to the erie call of the Great Potoo and Undulated Tinamou. We headed out early and up the up stream 3 kilometers before we would bird our way back to the lodge. On our wak back we saw a bird that I had wanted to see almost since I started birding… Scarlet Macaw!

Scarlet Macaw!!


As we approached the lodge we were so lucky to see some very secretive species that inhabit the Yasuni Bioshpere Reserve the Ornate Hawk-Eagle and Rufous Potoo wew both very accomadating for very good looks and photographs.

Ornate Hawk-Eagle


Rufous Potoo

We were back by lunch and back out birding for the eening where we saw Lettred Aracari, and we weard two Tawny-bellied Screech-Owls.

The next day we began in the boat again this time we were rained out and we did not get started until the afternoon but we did see a Cocoi Heron flying away in the distance which was for ure another highlight for me. We went out agian in the evening looking for some more Anbirds, Antwrens and what ever else we could find.

Spot-bakced Antwren

Our final day of birding came very quickly and we wanted to see what we could before we left so we headed out early and we were very alert to our surroundings.  We heard a very low hooting call that our guide Fernando decided we should bushwack through the jungle to get a glipmse of this seldom seen bird. 


Salvin’s Currasow

We boarded the boat again this time we were going to an oxbow lake where we hoped to see another dream bird, a Hoatzin.  Although we dipped on the Hoatzin we did see Lesser Kiskadee, Black-capped Donacobious and Black-fronted Nunbird.

Lesser Kiskadee
Black-capped Donacobious
Black-fronted Nunbird

Thank you for reading this post! If you want to hear more about my trip to Ecuador vist 

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  1. Gavin, you are so lucky to be able to travel to such exotic places and observe all these species. So many other parents would not indulge their kids and embark on such adventures with them.


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